An Eye-Opening Trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts

Seeing Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry murals in person left me in awe. Even though Dr. Pasqualina provided us with a thorough description and virtual walkthrough of the murals ahead of our visit, experiencing the actual space of Rivera Court—and how massive it is—was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A Multi-Media Venture with Paisley Rekdal

by Sam Gillmore On Thursday, February 16th, I was honored to join a number of Detroit Mercy students and community members for a poetry reading performed by Paisley Rekdal. As the Chinese-American poet introduced us to her multi-media project about the impact of the transcontinental railroad, I noticed she could not keep the smile offContinue reading “A Multi-Media Venture with Paisley Rekdal”

Triptych Virtual Author Series

In 2023, University of Detroit Mercy’s Department of English presents Triptych, a virtual author series on 3rd Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in January, February, and March. There are incredible poets and writers on the roster—Marcelo Hernandez Castillo (1/19), Paisley Rekdal (2/16), and Adam Giannelli (3/16). Stacy Gnall, Detroit Mercy’s Poet-in-Residence, will be hosting the series. AllContinue reading “Triptych Virtual Author Series”

Summer Reading Recs from Detroit Mercy English

Each summer, the Detroit Mercy English Department offers reading recommendations for the season of rest and relaxation. We hope you find time to curl up, stretch out, and read a whole stack of good books. Leave your own recs in the comments! Layli Long Soldier’s WHEREAS Stephen Pasqualina, Assistant Professor “An equal parts experimental andContinue reading “Summer Reading Recs from Detroit Mercy English”

The Crown Jewel, by Mehar Soni

Dudley Randall Poetry Prize Winner (1st Prize), 2022 The Crown Jewel My mother used to braid my hair;her seasoned hands untangling my dark waves.The percussion of the rain against the window;a perfect counterpoint to her lilting voice. With each pass of the comb, she wove a fairytale.Stories of how she met my father laced intoContinue reading “The Crown Jewel, by Mehar Soni”

What They Don’t Tell You About Suicide, by Aly Porcerelli

Dudley Randall Poetry Prize Winner (3rd Prize), 2022 I’ve spent my life being easily impressed.So when I overdosed on my bedroom floorOn lamotrigine, blood and tearsI couldn’t help but admireThe way the room started to shakeOr how my frail fingers could still dial 911;How life only exists in patterns,O, what a wicked cycle.I laid wearyContinue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Suicide, by Aly Porcerelli”

A Monologue in the Drive-thru, by Jeremy St. Martin

Dudley Randall Poetry Prize Winner (2nd Prize), 2022 I think that will be it. Just rub the chip, sometimes the card gets fussy…there it is. Thanks. Hey, can I get a couple of napkins? Also, my dad is dead. Like just now, dead. We pulled him off a vent–it wasn’t Covid related, so don’t worry,Continue reading “A Monologue in the Drive-thru, by Jeremy St. Martin”

10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!

Words of wisdom from the Detroit Mercy Student Success Center: Wake up early before your classes start! A “morning” or class routine before you get started can help you to get in the right state of mind for the day! Regardless of what time your classes start, get ready no less than one hour aheadContinue reading “10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!”