Portrait of a Graduating Senior: Mary Kate McNally

Mary Kate McNally, Honors English and History Major, Women’s and Gender Studies Minor What is your best Detroit Mercy memory? My best memory at Detroit Mercy was attending the Civil Rights travel course. The summer before my junior year I spent a week traveling around the South visiting different Civil Rights landmarks. I do notContinue reading “Portrait of a Graduating Senior: Mary Kate McNally”

Portrait of a Graduating Senior: Savanah Wright

Savanah Wright, Double Major in Theatre and English What has been most valuable or surprising about your experience in the English department? I had not expected to be in such a close-knit community. We were able to build a community that cared for one another rather than simply being classmates and professors. The English departmentContinue reading “Portrait of a Graduating Senior: Savanah Wright”

What you should read, watch, and listen to this spring: recs from English department students and faculty

What we’re reading to maintain our intellectual muscles; What we’re re-reading; What we’re reading for escape; Our fave movies that never get old; TV shows we’re binge-watching; Who and what we’re listening to…

Why Everyone Should Watch (or re-watch) HBO’s Chernobyl — Mike Jaafar

Mike Jaafar is a biology major and creative writing minor at University of Detroit Mercy. Mike is passionate about many things including writing, reading, 3D pen art, and working out. He is friends with every single dog in a five mile radius and if you ask for a good place to eat pizza he can probably give you ten. Mike’s dream is to become a dentist, help as many people as possible, and make a positive impact wherever he goes.