What They Don’t Tell You About Suicide, by Aly Porcerelli

Dudley Randall Poetry Prize Winner (3rd Prize), 2022 I’ve spent my life being easily impressed.So when I overdosed on my bedroom floorOn lamotrigine, blood and tearsI couldn’t help but admireThe way the room started to shakeOr how my frail fingers could still dial 911;How life only exists in patterns,O, what a wicked cycle.I laid wearyContinue reading “What They Don’t Tell You About Suicide, by Aly Porcerelli”

10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!

Words of wisdom from the Detroit Mercy Student Success Center: Wake up early before your classes start! A “morning” or class routine before you get started can help you to get in the right state of mind for the day! Regardless of what time your classes start, get ready no less than one hour aheadContinue reading “10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!”