Triptych Virtual Author Series

In 2023, University of Detroit Mercy’s Department of English presents Triptych, a virtual author series on 3rd Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. in January, February, and March. There are incredible poets and writers on the roster—Marcelo Hernandez Castillo (1/19), Paisley Rekdal (2/16), and Adam Giannelli (3/16). Stacy Gnall, Detroit Mercy’s Poet-in-Residence, will be hosting the series. AllContinue reading “Triptych Virtual Author Series”

A Monologue in the Drive-thru, by Jeremy St. Martin

Dudley Randall Poetry Prize Winner (2nd Prize), 2022 I think that will be it. Just rub the chip, sometimes the card gets fussy…there it is. Thanks. Hey, can I get a couple of napkins? Also, my dad is dead. Like just now, dead. We pulled him off a vent–it wasn’t Covid related, so don’t worry,Continue reading “A Monologue in the Drive-thru, by Jeremy St. Martin”

10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!

Words of wisdom from the Detroit Mercy Student Success Center: Wake up early before your classes start! A “morning” or class routine before you get started can help you to get in the right state of mind for the day! Regardless of what time your classes start, get ready no less than one hour aheadContinue reading “10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!”