WGS Writing Prize Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of Women’s and Gender Studies Writing Prizes! As always, the English Department was extremely well-represented among this year’s winners. These are the English majors/minors and students enrolled in English courses who won prizes in the categories of Academic Essay; Fiction and Personal Essay; and Poetry.


First Prize: Diego Peralta (English minor)
“Resistance, Resilience, Alliance: Racism in The Bluest Eye”
Essay Written for ENL 2750: Diverse Voices in Literature

Third Prize: Mary Elizabeth Johnson (English major)
“Culture, not Capacity:” Individualism and Paternalism in The Woman of Colour”
Essay written for ENL 3520: Nineteenth-Century British Novel


First Prize: Mary Elizabeth Johnson (English major)
“Is Lizzy Bennet a Cool Girl?”
Essay written for ENL 3000: Writing About Literature

Second Prize: Nurzahan Rahman (English major)
“Beauty: Her Inner Beast”


First Prize: Aly (Alyssa) Porcerelli
“in a place that shames and other poems”
Poems inspired by ENL 2450: Study of Poetry

Second Prize: Emily Tarchala
“Meditation from the Man Cave and other poems”
Poems written for ENL 2050: Introduction to Creative Writing

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