10 Tips for Success in your Online Classes!!!

Words of wisdom from the Detroit Mercy Student Success Center:
  1. Wake up early before your classes start! A “morning” or class routine before you get started can help you to get in the right state of mind for the day!
  2. Regardless of what time your classes start, get ready no less than one hour ahead of time to be sure your technology is working, and you feel prepared. 
  3. Get dressed in your actual clothes. Again, you will feel better prepared and be more productive. Scholars of “enclothed cognition” have even found putting on shoes can help you feel more alert and ready to learn.
  4. Be ACTIVELY engaged in class–turn on your video, take notes, ask questions, discuss with your classmates–treat it like an in-person class (and you are sitting in the front row)!
  5. If possible, put your cell phone in another room if it’s distracting you.
  6. Do not try to multitask by doing homework, texting, listening to music, etc. while in class. Focus on what your professor is saying and stay engaged. Studies show we really cannot multitask like we think we can! 
  7. If your class is asynchronous, schedule your own “class time” to get work done at the same time every week. For example, if you are in a 100% online asynchronous MTH 1010, you can work on it from 10-10:50 am on MWF. Create that class time for yourself! Your professional mentor can also help you stay accountable!
  8. Keep track of all your classes by using a physical planner–writing out assignments and deadlines by hand can make a big difference.
  9. If possible, don’t participate in online classes where you sleep or in front of the TV–create a working space with the least amount of distractions possible. You can also access your online classes in on-campus computer labs or sign up for private study spaces in the library.
  10. Remember, the Student Success Center is open and accessible! You can meet in-person or virtually with SSC tutors and professional mentors.

Find out about all of the support offered by the Student Success Center on their website: https://www.udmercy.edu/current-students/support-services/success-center.php

Success Coach Sr. Sarah Foster with her dog Bentley, the SSC therapy dog!
“Come visit us today!
Professional Mentor, Sr. Sarah Foster, RSM, Tommy Titan and the SSC Therapy Dog Bentley!

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